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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

I always make a point to stress the fact that the looks of a blog are directly proportional to its success. Of course, everybody likes to look at good-looking, beautiful things, right?

The same is the case with blogs. They must look good. No matter how exciting and entertaining your content is; if your website looks unattractive, nobody is ever going to look at it. And even if someone lands up on your website by any chance, they won’t stay for more than a few seconds on a website that looks like it was made 10 years ago.

So you must know how to choose the best theme for your WordPress blog. A beautiful, well-coded premium WordPress theme gives you a nice start – look at the one I used on the Azzurro agency website—it is awesome. So read on to find out how you can choose the best WordPress theme.

My Own Story of Searching For a Good Theme

The most important and the foremost concern in my mind regarding my blog was its appearance. I not only needed it to look good, but I wanted it to look out of the common, subtly dashing.

So I browsed various websites to buy the perfect theme for my blog. I searched and upturned every website until I came to Themeforest at last.

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It was not a small process at all. I scoured so many options and finally landed up with the perfect theme after 3 long weeks of web-surfing.

So now you know that it is not easy to find the perfect theme very quickly. But if you do not want to make compromises with the look of your blog and want to know how to choose the best theme for your WordPress blog, then follow the below-given steps.

1. Find the Best WordPress Theme Stores
It is very necessary to search for the right website, otherwise, you would just be wasting time at theme stores that have over-priced and not-so-good-looking themes. I recommend you to check out Themeforest if you don’t yet know about it.
Themeforest has literally got thousands of themes in every category with different awesome designs and templates. Also, Elegant Themes also have a very nice collection of premium WordPress themes. These two theme stores are very popular among bloggers.

2. Know What Your Blog Wants

The type of theme you need to choose directly depends on what type of blog you are planning to build. For example, if it’s going to be a tech blog, then you need a very compact blog with different layouts, Featured Posts section, Popular Now section, interactive sidebars, etc.

In the case of a personal blog, you would like to make it look clean, so a theme with an uncluttered, modern, and beautiful design would look the best. Getting a tech blog theme for a personal blog will change the entire perspective of the visitors of your blog and will be totally irrelevant.

So you get my point, right? Choose the theme according to the purpose of your blog.

3. Get a Modern Theme

As I stated earlier, your blog must look up-to-date and modern. So get a modern theme that looks perfectly smooth and serene without making a lot of noise. Also, the theme must be completely responsive so that your blog looks even and exactly the same on any device with any screen size.
Most of the modern themes come with admin panels, which let you customize your blog without having to mess with any codes; it just requires you to perform simple clicks for changing the layout.
You can also get themes that come with free premium plugins or that have beautiful sliders. There are a lot of options.

4. Check Out the Theme Demo

There is hardly any theme store that does not provide a demo of its themes. So if you have selected a theme and would like to see how it would actually look on the blog, then see its demo first.

You will get a proper idea of how your blog would look exactly with that theme. Also, most of the themes include that demo in the theme package, so that you can install it with just a single click if you want your blog to be exactly like that.

5. Perform Final Checks

Well, final checks include checking whether the theme that you have finally short-listed is in your budget or not. If not, then try to find another similar-looking theme which you can happily afford.

Make sure to check that the theme developer is providing at least 6-months of support for the theme. In case anything goes wrong with the theme layout and you are confused as to how to set it right, the support team of the theme can help you out quickly.

6. Finally, Buy the Theme!

So now that you have selected the best WordPress theme for your blog, go ahead and buy it. Complete the payment via PayPal or your credit card, whichever is more convenient for you.

Once you have successfully completed the payment, you will be redirected to the downloads page where you can download the theme as a compressed .zip file and install it on your blog.

So now that you have learned it, share it with your friends so that they may learn it too.