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How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

I always make a point to stress on the fact that the looks of a blog are directly proportional to its success. Of course, everybody likes to look at good-looking, beautiful things, right?

The same is the case with blogs. They must look good. No matter how exciting and entertaining your content is; if your website looks unattractive, nobody is ever going to look at it.And even if someone lands up on your website by any chance, they won’t stay for more than a few seconds on a website which looks like it was made 10 years ago.

So you must know how to choose the best theme for your WordPress blog. A beautiful, well-coded premium WordPress themes give you a nice start – look at the one I used on the Azzurro Blu website – it is awesome. So read on to find out how you can choose the best WordPress theme.

My Own Story of Searching For a Good Theme

The most important and the foremost concern in my mind regarding my blog was its appearance. I not only needed it to look good, but I wanted it to look out of the common, subtly dashing.

So I browsed various websites to buy the perfect theme for my blog. I searched and upturned every website until I came to Themeforest at last.Must Read:Why You Must Always Buy Premium Themes For Your Blog

It was not a small process at all. I scoured so many so many options and … Read the rest

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The Great Thing About Kids Laptops

Looking at children these days, it kind of feels like they were born with an iPhone in one hand. Why, if you give them a BlackBerry or another kind of phone with actual buttons and keys, they keep trying to swipe their fingers across them and expecting them to spring to life. That’s how used they are to technology. Needless to say, kids’ laptops these days make for a great idea. Not just because they’re going to play video games all the time or anything, but because theywill actually them learn well as well.

A lot of the time, parents have never heard of kids’ laptops. When they first chance upon them at a local electronics store or IT suppliers such as they are a little wonder-struck – what is it about a laptop designed for a kid that makes it different from one designed for a grown-up?

Well, some of the differences are rather common sense. For instance, you can’t get your kid a regular laptop and then expect him to be careful with it. Without a doubt, kids, when you place them in charge of anything, are going to be a little playful and rough with it.

So a child’s laptop is usually kind of toughened up – with a rugged and colorful exterior and a screen protector for the time your child decides to actually clamber on top of the screen in his enthusiasm to get to the bathroom. Actually, if this were the only concern, … Read the rest

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